Revolutionize your HCC coding and elevate with our cutting-edge AI-driven solutions.

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Experience healthcare revolution with our digital transformation solutions.

At CoeusCoder, we understand the importance of putting patients first, which is why we offer better and accurate care to healthcare providers. Our streamlined medical coding process ensures accurate HCC coding, leading to improved revenue for healthcare providers.

About CoeusCoder

Our HCC coding software uses advanced AI technology to accurately and efficiently capture patient risk profiles, ensuring appropriate reimbursement and compliance with regulations. With customizable features and seamless integration with existing EHR systems, our product streamlines the HCC coding process, saving healthcare providers time and resources. The software also provides valuable insights and analytics to help optimize HCC coding and improve patient outcomes.

Why Choose CoeusCoder?


Faster turnaround time


Increased efficiency

Better patient outcomes

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Highly customizable

Improved reimbursement

Enhanced compliance

Sustainable growth

Value Proposition

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Transcribing HCC codes from medical charts made easy with up to 60% effort reduction!

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Boost your HCC Code prediction accuracy by 30% with our NLP-powered solution!

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Rev up your HCC Code analysis with NLP and AI-based solution for up to 3X faster throughput!

Experience the versatility of our HCC Coding Solution, tailored to meet the needs of diverse healthcare clients.

CoeusCoder’s document processing powers are truly advanced – from printed to handwritten medical charts in PDFs to image formats, it can handle them all with ease.

Healthcare Providers

CoeusCoder empowers healthcare providers to make timely and accurate decisions by capturing the full value of health data, enabling them to fully evaluate their patients without overlooking any crucial information.

Medical Coding Services

By leveraging AI,CoeusCoder optimizes manual processes for medical coders, chart reviewers, and HCC auditors. Our innovative technology unlocks crucial information within unstructured medical charts, leading to accurate and efficient data capture.

HealthTech Companies

With AI-powered technology, we unlock unstructured data sets and transform them into clean, structured  data that supports provider, payer, and pharma use cases. This enables you to make informed decisions based on reliable and comprehensive data sets.


CoeusCoder can assist you in unleashing the full potential of your unstructured data, regardless of how you work with it. Our AI-powered solutions facilitate the extraction of valuable insights from unstructured medical charts, providing you with easy access to the data necessary to drive better outcomes.

Core Competencies

Accuracy and efficiency

Highly accurate in identifying the most relevant diagnoses and medical conditions, which will increase the efficiency of coding and documentation workflows for healthcare providers.

Unstructured data analysis

Extract valuable insights from unstructured medical charts, making it easier for healthcare providers to access and use the data they need to drive better outcomes.

Integration with EHR system

Integrate seamlessly with electronic health record (EHR) systems, making it easy for healthcare providers to incorporate HCC coding and documentation into their existing workflows.

Customizable features

Customizable features that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each healthcare provider, such as specialized reporting capabilities, risk adjustment models, and more.

Regulatory compliance

Complies with regulatory requirements such as CMS-HCC risk adjustment models, HIPAA, and other relevant regulations, giving healthcare providers peace of mind knowing that their coding and documentation workflows are in compliance with industry standards.

Cloud optimization

The platform is built for the cloud, meaning that it can be easily scaled to meet the needs of organizations of any size. It also provides enhanced security and data protection, ensuring that users' data is always safe and secure


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